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Unseen Love by Arthur L. Saxton

About the Novel: It  will appeal to the light  reader and the more serious reader. It is a mystery, a love story and light science fiction. Through cleverly non-provocative dialogue, it has hidden philosophical, psychological and theological undertones.

It is a perfect discussion book for educators and book clubs. The author challenges the reader to discover the seen and unseen nuances that are explicitly and implicitly interwoven within the story.

Unseen Love begs to be explored.  The author's descriptive language beautifully paints pictures in the readerís mind. With subtle emotional innuendos, he feeds the readerís imagination. Once filled, he empties it and starts the process anew.

"The search for reality is the search for self. " The characters in this novel fulfill this truism penned by the author.

From the Novel:  "Here he was, face-to-face, all alone with his ghost.  His hands trembled as he reached to touch what he could not see. Although he could not see it, he knew from the warmth of the shallow breathing that he was reaching for the face. His heart raced as his hands drew nearer. Only inches away, eternity stood between them..." 

"It was as if a subtle fog had appeared and then immediately faded seemingly into nothing, leaving an impression of its brief presence fixed as an image in his mind. Just as quickly as it had come, it was gone."

"He had been the simmering coal beneath the kindling that set ablaze the desire within herÖ. She had come a long ways because of him, and although he did not know it, without him, she had no existence."



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